Almost as important are: simple website navigation , a well-functioning search engine . The positive user experience will also be influenc by the placement of transparent rules for returns and complaints , or the current safety certificate . Problems when ordering online In , as many as of online shoppers in Swen wait longer than expect for their order. This was the most common problem when shopping online. of customers experienc technical disruptions when finalizing the payment or choosing the place of delivery, and of the survey Swes receiv a damag product.

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The most popular days of the week for online shopping The popularity of online shopping varies depending on the day of the week. Swish online Greece Email List shoppers are most likely to buy on Sunday , while the least popular day for online shopping is Saturday . Interestingly, Swes are also happy to shop on Monday . E-commerce logistics in Swen E-commerce logistics in Swen The most popular delivery methods in Swen In , the most popular form of delivery for online orders is collection at a special point. of Swes use this option. of respondents choose a traditional letterbox as the place of delivery.

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Other options lag far behind – few customers choose options such as home delivery or pick-up at a parcel locker . Interestingly, in , Swes did not order parcels to work. Online purchase delivery issues The problem that the Swes experienc most BU Leads often in connection with the delivery in was the delivery of the package too late. Such an inconvenience is mention by as many as of respondents. This correlates with the problems that were report in the context of problems with the order. E-commerce e-payments in Swen E-commerce e-payments in Swen Distribution of payment methods us in e-commerce in Swen in compar to the EMEA region.

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