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If we use the last option, it will be easier for us to continue. The conversation with a given user, we will also ensure the visibility of the chat in our application. In the case of an internal chat of the website, the user usually has no possibility to return to the conversation. Some platforms offer the option of saving the chat conversation. Checklist CRO – messenger source: s:wersmwp-contentuploads wersm-facebook-customer-chat-plugin-customer-service jpg You should remember about one more. Very important issue, i. Livechat service by consultants on an ongoing basis.

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Chatbots are becoming more and more popular, but nothing can replace human knowledge and experience, especially in problematic Comoros Email List situations. It is also worth using photos (thumbnails) of our employees so that they are displayed during chat conversations. This procedure reduces the communication barrier that occurs in non-physical contacts. Chat is an unofficial form, so we can – and even should – use phrases and a form of language adapted to the client, while maintaining the culture and norms prevailing in the company. CRO checklist – chatbot source: s:edicover The advantage of a human chat operator over a bot is indisputable.

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However, we can combine them efficiently, because most companies do not offer support. Therefore, the use of a chatbot, . outside working hours, is fully justified. CRO checklist – bot source: s:sempai A chatbot can also prove itself in BU Leads simple, biased questions. Using it relieves the user of the need to search for information on the website – he receives ready-made answers or links to places where he can get more information. CRO checklist – chatbot source: s:edicover Contact form This form of contact should not be underestimated, although research shows that it is quite reluctantly chosen, and users prefer classic e-mails Omnichannel. The advantages of forms include no need to log in to your e-mail account, or to search for and copy an e-mail address.

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