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Mr. Ronarong Poolpipat, Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade, revealed that the department and the Department of International Trade Promotion. The Overseas Trade Promotion Office in Hong Kong has jointly led a group of Hong Commerce brings Kong rice importers, consisting of Mr. CHAN Kin Nin Kenneth, Chairman of the Hong Kong Rice Importers Association. And importers of Hong Kong rice, a total of 31 importers from 26 companies, who play an important role in importing. Thai rice and pushing the Thai rice market to hold the number 1 rice market share in the Hong Kong market to this day. Went on a study tour of Thai rice production and processing in Ubon Ratchathani Province. To build confidence in the quality and standards of Thai rice.

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In the study tour Went to see production work at the Ubon Ratchathani Rice Research Center. Rice Department. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives which plays an important role in research Development of Thai rice Including Email List checking the  genetic identity (DNA) of Thai jasmine rice. And visit the processing of Thai rice at Ubon Saeng Charoen Rangsit 2009 Company Limited, which is a large rice mill that processes. Thai jasmine rice for sale within the country and Thai rice exporters for sale abroad. Hong Kong Rice praises the Thai government for giving importance to rice products. There is continuous study and research to develop rice varieties. They also admire Thai rice mills that use modern technology and machinery in processing.

Confidence Push to increase export sales

“Hong Kong rice importers provide information that Thailand is Hong Kong’s number 1 source of rice imports. Holding more than 50% of the rice market in Hong Kong. As for the reason why Hong Kong’s rice imports have decreased, This is because the My Blog demand Commerce brings for rice consumption in Hong Kong has decreased. The population decreased due to migration due to the protest situation. Having a long holiday in a row for a long time Make it possible. To travel abroad and the shift to popular consumption of Chinese rice. But we are confident that Thai rice is still popular. Demand among consumers in Hong Kong. and continues to hold the number 1 rice market share in Hong Kong. 

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