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Knowlge of the most important ranking factors affecting the position of a video in YouTube search results may be very useful in these circumstances. Types of advertising on YouTube In order for our ads to be display, we must first take care of: placing video material on the website, having a configur Google Ads account necessary to broadcast ads. A variety of ways to target ads to a select group of recipients gives you a chance to choose the best one for your business. We can target ads, for example, at select demographic groups, specify them in terms of users’ interests, indicate destinations and use remarketing lists. This allows you to reach specific, even very narrow groups of recipients.

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TrueView group We have basic video ad formats to use when preparing a campaign: In-Stream is a movie ad that is negligible (after seconds), which can be display both before and during the movie being watch by the user. YouTube targeting Belize Email List methods – skippable advertising Discovery is a format that appears mainly in YouTube search results, in the form of a thumbnail with a title and description, and on the YouTube homepage on mobile devices. YouTube targeting methods – Discovery mobile Bumper Ads are non-skippable, six-second ads that, due to their short duration, must attract the attention of the recipient.

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Targeting methods – non-skippable advertising Other YouTube ad formats include: Ads in the Masthead banner are display on the YouTube homepage on all devices, i.e. desktop, mobile and TV. YouTube targeting – masthead Out-stream ads are BU Leads only display on mobile devices across the Google Display Network. In-video advertising overlays are advertisements display while watching a movie in the form of an advertising banner. They occupy the bottom of the movie window. YouTube targeting – overlay Sponsor cards – sponsor cards usually display products thematically relat to the movie.

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