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The imementation of image-building activities builds emoyee engagement. But only when it is well prepar. Emoyees must never be paid to post positive information about the company. This automatically defeats the essence of the program. Of course, you can additionally reward the emoyee, but on different terms, by building a referral program, and you can invite the emoyee to additional training for interesting publications. An emoyee is not a journalist who gets paid for publish content.

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Only a wisely ann program will build commitment around the company. Because it will be bas on conscious peoe who want and they do not have to. Support the development of the company. Positive image of the company. The key role in the Emoyee Advocacy program, however, belongs to the company – the management and the marketing department. These are the peoe who set the direction and vision, and set a good exame for others. There are x rules on Latest Mailing Database the popular LinkIn site. It means that a post publish from the level of a personal account has a chance to reach up to times from the level of a personal account it has a chance to reach up to times more recipients than a post publish on a business account.

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Involving emoyees in EA projects thus gives a chance to build a better image of the company, which will reach a wider audience. Strengthening your personal brand Peoe who get involv in the and consciously become brand advocates have a great chance to build a strong personal brand. Regular publications and sharing of expert knowlge build their potential on the market. On the one hand, for such an emoyee, it is a great opportunity to become known. However, I always warn my clients to be aware that emoyees involv in image-building activities are more likely to come under the BU Leads watchful eye of recruiters and competitors.

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