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These data are also available at the level of sorting products by date. Product list efficiency This report contains defin lists along with their effectiveness, thanks to which we can compare the effectiveness of specific groups, such as similarrecently view or search results. It also allows you to analyze the impact of an item on a given list and its impact on product statistics . marketing In the improv e-commerce we will also find reports on marketing activities carri out by the website Internal promotion – banners on the website Coupons divid into orders and products Affiliate code – all sorts of affiliate codes affiliate code Demo version Before we introduce our own implementation of enhanc e-commerce.

How To Increase Sales In A B2b Online Store

We can test the above reports on a living organism via the Google Merchandise Store available at the link ssupport.googleanalyticsanswer ?hlpl We implement comprehensive analytical solutions Check out our >> OFFER << Recommend Integration Albania Email List Process Due to the technical intricacies involv in implementing enhanc e-commerce, we recommend dividing it into the gradual introduction of additional scripts in the website code as follows Purchase Event Code remember that the code differs significantly from the basic version when it comes to the way of forwarding events to Google.

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Analytics – The most important and critical part of the entire module, after its integration we can easily switch Analytics to improv e-commerce in order to collect extend data reverse will not be available. Steps of the order fulfillment – from the beginning of the purchase to its finalization. This will allow us to identify where we are losing users and start BU Leads the conversion optimization process. Add to cart events – thanks to which we will create effective remarketing lists with just a few clicks. Code on individual product cards – thanks to which we will obtain reports on the transition from product pages to the basket or purchase. Other functions as ne and at your discretion.

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