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Fact microreaders achieved .x more engagements than the average when they recommended products to their audience. Impressive right. What’s more they also found that . of consumers reported that they were likely to follow recommendations made by micro-influencers. Are you starting to see how a micro influencer can be a powerful addition to your project. Just take a look at how brands like Jord are getting into micro influencer content with strategic YouTube features. Jord success with micro influencers Rice. Jordi Success With Micro Influencers This particular channel only has  subscribers but Jord’s video got over  views.

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These are thousands of other eyes and a positive review from the leader of a small online community which is worth its weight in gold. These viewers went from indifferent to interested in just five minutes. And I highly doubt you will find this YouTuber on the list along with the likes of Rhett and Link. You can skip it which means you will lose thousands of impressions for your project. And Jord is not just focused on one band. There are hundreds of thousands of Russia Phone Number List testimonials for this company on YouTube alone. Hundreds of thousands of views of Jord on YouTube alone Rice. Hundreds of thousands of views of Jord on YouTube alone Do you know other brands with thousands of user reviews. It’s just that with the goodwill of these micro-influencers they’ve created quite a lot for their brand.

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They don’t stop there. They also provide giveaway campaigns that include a promo code as you can see from this example. An example of a promotional code in a gift campaign Rice.  An example of a promotional code in a gift campaign So not only does Jord hope for a good review they incentivize the influencer audience to check out their product at BU Leads a discount. What are the benefits for influencers. They have more views. All in all this is a great example of how you can use micro influencers in a broad campaign.

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