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A minimum of electrical appliances since nothing should distract you from sleep. What else helps you sleep Exercises. A small set of exercises – hours before bed can help the brain and body tune in to rest. In addition with age the importance and importance of exercise only increases. Research has shown that middle-aged people who keep fit have far fewer sleep problems than their overweight peers. Temperature. Most people note that they manage to sleep better in cool rooms. The most optimal temperature for sleeping is – C. Sound. Silence is key to quality sleep.

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If at the moment it is not possible to achieve perfect silence then try to control extraneous noise with the help of the so-called white noise for example using a fan. If that doesn’t help use earplugs . Alcohol. Yes alcohol can often help you fall asleep. But this is fraught with extremely unpleasant consequences. The process of falling asleep is simplified but there is a delay Hungary Mobile Number List in the deep sleep phase as a result of which the quality of the entire process deteriorates. You will quickly fall asleep but upon awakening the feeling of fatigue will remain. Let’s go to sleep right Try to go to bed at the same time. Consistency is important for the human body. Go to sleep and wake up at about the same time every day. No electrical appliances.

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Light waves from computer and TV screens mobile phones can interfere with the production of melatonin the sleep hormone . Therefore you should turn off all electrical appliances at least two hours before rest. Also try not to work at night. The brain BU Leads is constantly active the risk of stress increases which also negatively affects the quality of sleep. relaxation methods. Studies show that more than of sleep problems are directly related to emotions and stress. Try to avoid stressful situations. You can also use several proven relaxation techniques. For example journaling breathing and physical exercises meditation writing a gratitude list list each thing you are grateful for every day.

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