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We must therefore rdouble our efforts by offering them so-calld “premium” content that is even more targetd to their neds. The carrot and stick strategy can be adaptd here by offering them premium content in exchange for filling out a form. Do not hesitate to develop “call-to-action” on your site and set up “landing pages” . Conclude Mission accomplishd, well almost, you have succedd in converting your visitor into a prospect. The next and most important step will be to turn this prospect into a customer.

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You will then use Lead Nurturing techniques to improve your customer relationship and learn more about him. In order not to lose a database crumb of the evolution of your relationship, try to set up automatd tools such as targetd emailing campaigns (marketing automation), data from your CRM and lead scoring (classification of prospects according to their degree of maturity). Enchanter No rest for the wickd ! Your mission is not yet over because you now have to maintain your customer relationship and “enchant” it, in short, make it loyal. You will have to be creative to offer him exclusive advantages.


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Invitation to an event, preview promotion, after-sales service on Twitter. In short, do not hesitate to be innovative and to put in place all possible methods so that your client becomes the ambassador of your company and the spokesperson BU Leads of your brand. Knowing that Internet users buy most of the time on recommendations or customer reviews, it is in your interest to fderate a community of customers who are “fans” of your brand. If you are interestd in Inbound marketing, do not miss our other articles relatd to this theme. See you on: Inbound Marketing!With less than 5% of users for paid applications on mobile, “free to play” applications seem to be more profitable for businesses.

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