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The main difference between rapid antigen tests and viral tests is that antigen tests directly look for antigen molecules that are produc by the virus itself. Viral tests, on the other hand, look directly for the RNA or DNA of the virus itself. Antigen tests provide results very quickly, usually in minutes or less. However, their accuracy may be lower than viral tests. Viral tests usually take hours or more to deliver results, but their accuracy is usually better than antigen tests. In summary, the main differences between antigen and viral rapid tests are that the former directly searches for antigen molecules produc by the virus itself, while the latter directly searches for the virus’ RNA or DNA itself.

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In addition, antigen tests provide results very quickly, but their accuracy may be lower than virus tests. Viral tests, on the other hand, provide Nigeria B2B List results in hours or more and have better accuracy than antigen tests. Rapid vs viral antigen test are two different types of tests that are us to detect the presence of the SARS-CoV- virus. The rapid test is faster and easier to use, but has a lower sensitivity than the viral antigen test. The viral antigen test is more sensitive, but takes longer and is more complicat. Both tests have their advantages and disadvantages and should be us according to the nes of the patient.

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