The importance of responding efficiently

These are accounts whose owners know nothing about your business and probably don’t want to know anything about it. Even if they generate likes, it doesn’t add anything to your business. The only thing you will gain is a good looking number of followers with no adde value. In turn, you can lose money and trust of existing recipients who may feel manipulate if they follow your activity and observe a drastic increase in the number of followers. loosemoney4 5. Ignoring customer entries – positive and negative People choose social meia as a channel where they both with a kind word, and express their frustration resulting from bad experiences with brands.

Especially since most people expect

We have already written on our blog about to your audience on social meia. The nee for a response is indisputable, brands to respond to their message/post within an hour. That’s why your business nees to be ready to address any issue your customers whatsapp mobile number list bring to your attention. Not doing so is an easy way to lose them – both those you already have and those you could still get. According to research , consumers who use social meia to interact with a brand are willing to pay up to 21% more to companies that provide excellent customer service there. At the same time.

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Appreciate companies for great service

Every second respondent (55%) resigne from a purchase in the year preceing the survey due to poor experience with the brand in this field. ThHow to BU Leads use monitoring to quickly acquire customers? + VIDEO Brand24 TeamBrand24 TeamMay 6, 2017 ・ 2 min read Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn Internet monitoring enables reaching potential customers. What’s more, with the help of Brand24 you can reach users who are looking for and nee your solution at the moment.

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