However, if we want it to be the basic form of contact, it is better to use it in the form of a “chat cloud” icon – similar to the described “phone cloud”. In both cases, there are fundamental issues to consider: How soon will the “cloud” appear. How long should it be on the site Should it still be visible after clicking and closing the window. Will it show outside business hours. Will it be located – on the home page, in categories and product cards, or only in selected places.

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Should it be displayed on the mobile version of the website. Does it obscure other important elements of the page or cause problems for users when browsing the pag. There are no universal answers to these questions. The functioning of the “cloud” must Colombia Email Address be adapted to the specifics of our business, and above all to our type of client and his behavior on the website. We should also choose which of the “clouds” we want to use – the one with the chat or the one with the phone. The presence of two “clouds” on one page is not a good idea. Remember that the chat “cloud” should not interfere with browsing the website and should. Not be proportionally too large in relation to the rest of the elements.

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The use of a chat that opens itself with a dialog box is not a user-friendly practice – it distracts, obscures website elements, and can also be BU Leads perceived as intrusive and irritating. And yet this is the opposite effect to that intended in CRO. CRO checklist – livechat source: s:sklep bellita waw When deciding on a “cloud”, you should consider whether you want to create your own internal chat, implement a solution from an external provider. From a marketing automation tool), or use “Facebook Customer Chat”.

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