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Followers aren’t viewing your stories on Facebook every day then that’s a wake-up call. It looks like you’re doing something wrong. sticky and cool stories that get the most views and reactions. number of stories per day. If the audience is interest the first series works well. Rest between posts. Sometimes it’s good to be away from the audience for a day. Stories following a brief lull create a logical connection between stories of a surge in interest and growth in influence. The videos flow into each other and continue the general storyline in an ongoing conversation with the subscriber.

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If you come up with an idea for a story Greece Phone Number List the user’s attention won’t be lost because they are interest in knowing how the story will end. is to add interactive content to stories and communication with your subscribers. If you have conversations with users people Feel more important Become more active and engag Knowing that they can influence the process and outcome Address their pain here and now. For bloggers interactive storytelling is useful because it increases audience loyalty and engagement allows real people to be heard and leads to better content development. Since it is primarily an entertainment platform for people.

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The coolest way to increase engagement

To relax and unwind the game logically fits BU Leads the content. We will show by example how to make stories with games and interactive content. More useful material on marketing. And can be found here. example i believe i don’t believe Olga invites viewers to play stories from “Believe It or Not.” The photographer told an interesting fact about herself and followers had to guess whether it was true or not. It is believ that a speaker’s eyes tell a lie so bloggers use special masks to cover part of their faces and tell funny things. How to Make Stories on Great Stories.

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