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Which is closer to the ears of American residents and more pleasing to the ear. Publish your CV and case studies on sites like . performers from a particular country. Of course most of the time they turn to managers through intermiaries but this does not hinder the opportunity to work with cool international projects. In the Unit States there are a large number of businesses own by Russian-speaking entrepreneurs. For immigrants starting their own business becomes a social enhancement that helps secure their proper status and standard of living in their new country.

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On google you can find a whole them Luxembourg B2B List community of Russian-speaking traders many of whom will become your clients. Admittly the price of services in this case will be slightly lower than average. Make sure you have a profile.  about yourself correctly soon job openings and requests will start dropping regularly researching your profile and asking questions. So social networking is a must for specialists who want to enter the US market. Some advice for the experts Get ready to accept the fact that there is an incrible amount of bureaucracy and r tape in corporate America and managers aren’t quick to fix things.

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To get a reply to a letter you’ll ne to call BU Leads the respondent several times and plan a call about two weeks in advance. But the general atmosphere of business relations remains friendly and warm. So don’t be afraid to try and conquer the US market. If you arm yourself with a good English textbook a little patience and perseverance he will bow to you. After all in the Unit States there are still a large number of businesses that have not yet been touch by managers. Maybe they are waiting for you! According to Alexei Knyazev’s report the product.

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