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HOW TO MANAGE YOUR SITE STRUCTURE EFFECTIVELY WITH GOOGLE SITEMAP: WEBMASTER TIPS AND TRICKS . Create a Sitemap file and place it in the root directory of your site. The file should list all the pages of your site that you want to make available to search engines. . Make sure the URLs are correct and up to date. Incorrect URLs should be avoid as they can cause problems with search engines indexing your site. . Set the priority for each page of your site to determine how important that page is to search engines.

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The priority should be set to a value between and , where is the lowest priority and is the highest priority. . Set a renewal time for each page of your site to determine how often search engines will visit that page and index its content. The renewal time should Argentina WhatsApp Number List be in ISO format (. YYYY-MM-DD. Add sitemap file location information to your site’s robots file to allow search engine crawlers to easily find your sitemap file and crawl your site successfully. Check your sitemap file regularly and make sure that URLs are correct and up-to-date, that the priorities are set correctly for each page of your site, and that the renewal time is set correctly for each page of your site.

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Google Sitemap is a tool that helps you better organize your site’s structure. It allows you to create sitemaps that are us by search engines to index web pages. The sitemap can be us to define the hierarchy of pages and subpages, as well as to BU Leads determine what pages should be visible to search engines. This allows you to better organize your website content and increase its visibility in search results. HOW TO OPTIMIZE THE PRODUCT PAGES IN THE SHOPPER STORE FOR BETTER POSITIONING? Optimization of product pages in the Shopper store is an important element of effective positioning.

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