In this way, Google protects itself against fictitious companies whose business cards could be creat by unfair competition. If such an unverifi business card got into Google maps or search engine, it could lower not only the authority of the target company, but also mislead users looking for its services through incorrect contact details or incorrect website address. business card verification methods Manage your Google My Business listing After correct verification, you will see a dashboard, thanks to which you will be able to manage your GMF business card. With its help you will expand the basic information about the company, you will see the statistics of views.

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Check receiv opinions, you will be able to add entries, photos or videos about your company. business card management dashboard Entries This is a fairly new function, with the help of which you can update your company’s data with information such Bahamas Email List as offer, promotions, news or important events relat to your business. adding entries to the business card Once creat, the listing will appear in the “About” or “Overview” tab on your Business Profile and on Google Maps. It will be archiv one week after the publication or expiration date of the event or offer. Therefore, it is worth standing out from the competition and attracting attention thanks to the latest information.

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Information Basic information about your business can be found here. At any time, you can update them with current data, address, telephone number, website, opening hours or non-standard opening hours. adding information in the business BU Leads cardIf you change your business address, you’ll ne to re-verify your Google My Business listing using a postcard with a PIN. Statistics The statistics section presents detail data on the phrases for which the business card was display, the number of views both in maps and in Google search engine results, attempts to contact the company or inquiries about the route.

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