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Secondly – when returning to the store from the bank’s website. The user starts a new session in our store, and it is on the subpage where the code sending information. About the transaction is stitch together with all e-commrece data. We implement comprehensive analytical solutions. Check out our >> OFFER << To better illustrate the problem. I will use an example where a user enters our website from organic search results and makes a transaction using a quick bank transfer. The structure of such a session would look like this data sent to. GA Google Analytics is not always able to cope with this – that’s why in the source. Mium report we can often find the following data mia source report from google analytics But don’t worry! Uncle Google cares about us – that’s why it is possible to remove traffic sources that introduce unwant chaos in our data.

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Just open the settings menu and in the Service management column, find the. Tracking information” section, then find the list of referral Antigua and Barbuda Email List exclusions. Google-Analytics-referral-sites-exclusions Here you can easily add all websites that should not be taken into account when registering data by GA. To add a new domain, select “Add Referrer Exclusion” Then enter the exact payment page referral address, which is display in the Acquisition > All Traffic > SourceMium report the report is shown in the screen below. So if in the mention report we see the source.

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Our referral exclusion setup will look like this However, this setting will only work if you’re using the latest version of the tracking code, which is gtag gtag,js view or the previous version – analytics this version of the code was replac by gtag BU Leads in , more about the differences between these two tracking codes can be found at ssempaibloggtag-js-dlatego-warto -migrate analytics view However, if you are still using the oldest version of the code – ga ga view then if possible – migrate quickly! If you don’t have that option, add the referrers you want to ignore directly in the Google Analytics verification code on your site.

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