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Twitter is popular because it allows you to send short messages that are visible to all users. Facebook is popular as it allows you to create groups and pages as well as share content. Rdit is popular because it allows users to discuss various topics. WHAT WEBSITES ARE MOST USEFUL FOR YOUNG PEOPLE? Young people have access to many useful websites that can help them study, find a job, manage their finances and much more. Here are some examples . Khan Academy – this site offers free lessons and exercises in math, physics, chemistry, biology, history, economics and many other subjects Coursera.

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This site offers free online courses on many topics, including programming, foreign languages, management, finance and many more Inde – This website offers job search as well as advice on creating resumes and cover letters Mint – This website St. Pierre and Miquelon Email List offers financial management tools, including budgeting, spending tracking, and creating savings plans T – This website offers video lectures on a wide range of topics including technology, ucation, health and many more Stack Overflow – This website offers technical support for developers, including answers to questions about development and application development Goodreads.

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This website offers book reviews as well as tools to create a list of books to read. All these websites are useful for young people and can help develop their skills and knowlge. WHAT WEBSITES ARE MOST INTERESTING TO YOUNG PEOPLE? Young BU Leads people have access to many interesting websites that can help them learn, entertain and connect with others. Here are some examples . YouTube – is a video platform that offers young people access to millions of movies, TV shows, music and other content Rdit – is a social platform that allows young people to discuss topics that interest them Instagram – is a social platform that allows young people to share photos and videos from their lives.

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