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Revenue Shipping cost and tax Purchas products, their quantity and category conversion rate Thus, such an e-commerce module looks quite poor improv e-commerce On the other hand, improv e-commerce, in addition to everything that standard offers, also allows us to measure shopping behavior by collecting data such as Impressions at the product detail level Impressions and clicks at the product list level relat categories or listings at the product card level “Others also bought”, “Create a set with” Products and their detail quantity add to the basket Products remov from the cart along with their quantity Products that have gone to order.

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Add to cart rate when viewing the product detail page As well as the purchase factor after viewing the product detail page Track returns as well as their value Tracking internal promotions such as promo codes or the effectiveness of promotional banners Bahrain Email List on the site With the implementation of further elements of extend e-commerce in the website code, more reports appear in our Google Analytics panel improv e-commerce Thanks to such an advanc depth of data, we are able to investigate the purchasing behavior of our users in more detail.

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Enhanc e-commerce makes it easy to visualize each step along the way to a transaction, so we can discover how page changes affect conversion rates. So this is the first step towards optimizing it. In addition, we gain the ability to easily create remarketing lists bas on this data. We implement comprehensive analytical solutions Check BU Leads out our >> OFFER << Enhanc e-commerce reports As you can see, the amount of data is staggering. For all these features to work properly, we ne to send a large amount of data straight from the website to Google Analytics. Unfortunately, a full implementation can be expensive, not to mention the time requir.

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