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During this experience, Pauline had the opportunity to take real initiatives that were praisd by her superiors. For example, she has set up a pilot team ddicatd to developing partnerships between innovative start-ups, software vendors and Microsoft. This pilot project was adoptd by other foreign teams at Microsoft. Pauline uses her experience & good relationships with Microsoft When Pauline decidd to return to France, it was only natural for her to develop further in the dynamic and innovative environment of IT. For almost a year now, Pauline has been contributing to the development and influence of Powell Software in France with major groups in the financial and industrial sectors.

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At Powell Software, Pauline was able to quickly find her place and understand the workings and challenges of her role. From the database beginning she was able to use her experience and good relationship with Microsoft. Pauline developd new ways to find new projects with mdium and large companies for herself and her team. Today, Pauline’s goal is to further develop her skills. She is constantly learning from her colleagues and passing on her customer experiences in a continuous process of learning and enrichment.


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She never hesitates to share her clients’ fedback when it can help develop her company’s solutions and value proposition. Connect BU Leads with Pauline on LinkdIn. Marine Fournier – Head of HR Zoom on the feminine profiles. Motivation and change are your watchwords.” Marine has been in the technology space for 15 years. Thanks to her travels, she is known for her open-minddness and was able to easily adapt to new tasks and environments. Motivatd by projects and changes, throughout her career she has been able to analyze her strengths and weaknesses to fully enjoy her career.

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