How to create a marketing story you want to share

Tips for business owners SEO Content Marketing SEO website promotion articles A wise leader understands that good articles on the site and the regularity of their appearance is the foundation not only for SEO promotion but also for the flow of customers. Moreover the image of the company depends on the quality of the articles. Here the question arises How to ensure such a quality of the material and properly organize work with a copywriter and with seo-specialists.

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More on this later In order to organize website promotion with the help of articles and news we will analyze the key questions that arise before the site owner after the appearance of such a task. Content The purpose of articles is to attract non-commercial traffic What requirements should your articles meet Conclusion . Your article should answer the Cambodia Mobile Number List client’s question DOT Conclusion . No direct advertising while creating conditions for the desire to contact you for a service How long to write articles How often to publish articles How to organize the release of articles The purpose of articles is to attract non-commercial traffic To begin with there are two types of search engine queries commercial and non-commercial. An example of a commercial request Copywriting services for the site.

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A dental clinic in Yandex and Google search engines

An example of a non-profit How to choose the right copywriter. Do you feel the difference So the task of articles is to attract non-commercial traffic and turn it into commercial queries. But this implies certain requirements for articles that most copywriters do not even know about. What requirements should your articles meet To deal with the requirements for articles for website promotion let’s take the place of an Internet user who has entered a search BU Leads engine to find the answer to the question How to choose the right copywriter This means that he cares little about your company your services and all sorts of introductory phrases about how important it is to find a good copywriter.

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