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Paragraphs How to start and end an article How to write without water iting and proofreading Text formatting Voice rundancy SEO text Target audience analysis How to make an article interesting Informational article types Selling text elements of labor organization communication with clients career growth and personal branding and more. Lesson 1 How to write your first article Hello everyone! Instead of wasting time on long and tious prefaces we get to work right away. Once we embark.

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On the thorny road of copywriting we start to Burundi Email List accumulate knowlge. But here’s the problem At first all this knowlge often doesn’t want to fit into a coherent system. When it comes to direct writing we panic a little. So in today’s lesson we’re going to discuss a simple algorithm for creating articles that will help you work with almost any text. to suit your nes. So let’s get start. Writing an article is divid into seven stages 1. Topic introduction If we are writing for the first time on a certain topic then first we ne to know at least a little bit.

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This will help us understand what readers are BU Leads interest in and how best to structure future texts. For this it is usually enough to read one or two articles on the topic in some cases you can use Wikipia. The main mistake is to start working with only your own thoughts on the subject. If they suddenly turn out to be wrong then we would have to ro the articles that were already done. The plan is the basis on which we build this article. It will help us organize all the ideas on the shelf leave nothing out and write nothing superfluous. Think about what the reader nes to know about the topic What could be wrong.

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