Buy with careful planning and creative thinking Being a large organization with a large budget and manpower It can create phenomenal advertising and marketing activities with Guerrilla Marketing strategies that are quite impressive. Instagram counts as one social network. The top-rat mia in the world including in Thailand with over billion users. It is an application for uploading videos, images and able to create engagement between posts and followers. Currently, many businesses use Instagram in marketing to promote their business and sell products or services.

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That can create good sales Gabon B2B List opportunities ever. Let’s take a look at the benefits of Instagram marketing for businesses. Gray Arrow . Have good engagement Research has shown that % of Instagram users have a strong relationship and connection with the brand. They feel that Instagram is a useful application for organizations, businesses and advertisers. to become a social community Mia for building engagement that can be link to the website effectively. and is increasingly favor by business owners and users. . Connect with customers from various channels Instagram is an application that allows users to communicate with other users.

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Through a variety of channels, such BU Leads as clicking on pictures or videos and. Being able to link to various websites It can be said that it is a bridge that seamlessly connects customers with various brands. . Full of creativity You can design video content. or patterns by inserting creativity in various ways to create a beautiful, attractive freely which can be done both product promotion service promotion Or even branding to be known in various ways. Instagram is consider to be featur in the presentation of videos and images. High quality ever . Ways to generate income.

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