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Classes Choose your gift.  test the new format and the insulation services. Let’s analyze the case of promoting car audio studios and car sound insulation services on the Internet. If all goes well the cost of one appeal is an average of rubles. This material is written bas on my experience in car audio and soundproofing studios. I’ll tell you step-by-step what you ne to do to get your first wave of success. If you understand how it works you can apply that knowlge to attract customers to other services.

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The first thing we ne is your community.  that customers immiately understand what you are doing when they get in there.and clear design In the description list what you do and what is useful to your customers In the product section add your main services and description Add a photo album of your best work If there is a video of your work or review Australia Phone Number List add it too Post your work reviews useful articles about your event etc. on the wall. This is very important. Overall figur out let’s move on. The second thing we ne is service it will help to gather the target audience and we will continue to show our ads to them.

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When purchasing a month or more use BU Leads promo code to get 1-day access to 3-month gift. First we ne to define the segments of the target audience I think the main ones are the following Direct Competitors Similar Niches The automotive community considers examples of direct competitors. Go to Services Open tab Search Community Keywords In the Keyphrases field write phrases that can be us to find direct competitors one phrase per line. Limit the number of community members remove spam options. We formulate and start tasks. Example Example Go to Search Community Status insert the same.

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