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This model divides the user experience into key actions ( touching the screen, scrolling, loading an item) and helps define performance goals for each of them. RAIL stands for four distinct aspects of the mobile site lifecycle: Response Animation Idle Loading Users have different performance expectations in each of these contexts, so performance goals are defin bas on context and UX research into how users perceive latency. model RAIL – introduction to SXO Source: s:web.devrail Make users the focal point of your performance efforts. The following table describes key indicators of how users perceive performance latency.

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User perception of performance latency: to ms Users are exceptionally good at tracking motion and don’t like when animations are not smooth. Animations are perceiv as smooth as long as new frames are render every second. That’s ms per frame, including Rwanda Email List the time it takes for the browser to create an image of the new frame on the screen, which leaves the app about ms to produce the frame. from to ms React to user actions within this time window and users will feel the result is immiate. If this time is extend, the connection between the action and the reaction will be broken. to ms During this time frame, everything seems to be part of a natural and continuous progression of tasks.

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For most users on the web, loading pages or changing views is a task. ms or more Above milliseconds ( second), users lose focus on the task at hand. ms or more Above , milliseconds ( seconds), users get frustrat and likely abandon the task. They BU Leads may or may not come back to it later. In the context of RAIL, goals are key performance metrics relat to user experience, for example, press to start image creation in less than milliseconds. Since human perception is relatively constant, these goals are unlikely to change any time soon.

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