What is included in the marketing strategy

Campaign type PLA vs. Search Depending on what campaign we run. We must take into account its specificity and the user behavior it causes. PLA product campaigns: are characterized by reaching the lower level of the user’s sales funnel. Bet better on long-tail than classic Search campaigns, have a naturally better CR ratio. They allow you to direct you directly to the page of a specific product, keywords are selected automatically based on the product feed.

Do We Build A New Strategy Every Year

All of this must be taken into account when setting a sales target. On the other side, we have Search campaigns: they are clickable more often (that’s why you should not give them up: CTR in PLA is – , while in Search it is ~ ), they do not immediately Japan Email List present the product in the advertisement – the user does not know what he will get on the website, we choose keywords for them ourselves. When we compare both types of campaigns in this way, we will immediately notice the obvious differences: extremely different CTRs, different CPCs, a completely different ad format, different placement on the page (in PLA we are definitely closer to the basket when it comes to products.

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Marketing Activities Expense Or Investment

So it’s understandable that we have to adopt different expectations towards the audience of these advertisements. Comprehensive Google Ads campaigns Check out our >> OFFER << User behavior A user in PLA is often impulsive – he gets BU Leads a ready product that he can buy right away. In Search campaigns, we direct them to the home page or category – so they need a bit more time to think, which makes their shopping path longer. Despite this, the higher cost of its acquisition can be returned to us in the form of its retention. It is also worth considering customer behavior in the context of the specificity of a given industry.

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