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On the other hand, the share transfer contract must include clear rules on the management of the startup and the venture capital control tools. Private Equity In the case of entry into a private equity fund startup, the issue may be somewhat more delicate. Private equity is not necessarily an investor who wants to dismantle a company to get as much out of it as possible. On the other hand, the founding members do not sell their shares only to minimize expected future losses as much as possible. In reality, even in this case, private equity can be the springboard for a new phase of success for a startup after a difficult start. And in this way the founding members can find tools and means for the definitive take-off of the company.

Private equity

will then be able to best monetize Japan Phone Number List┬áthe investment through the sale of shares. The importance of pre-emption on the subsequent sale of shares One of the most common causes of management difficulties concerns the lack of agreement between the startup’s partners. Whether they are the founding members or these and an external investor, nothing changes. The difficulty remains of being able to work in harmony and with a direction agreed upon by all. For this reason it is important to take into consideration clauses regarding the right of pre-emption on the purchase of shares by the founding members. This is because, unless otherwise stipulated, the shareholder has, all things considered, quite free hands regarding the transfer of the assets owned by him.

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Establishing this

type of rules on the company Mexico Phone Number List statute allows you to protect yourself from the entry of members who are not always welcome. The sale of shares in a startup is a very delicate phase When the founding members of a startup evaluate the sale of part of the shares, there are many critical elements. Some of them can even lead to project failure. For this reason, the assistance of Up2Lab professionals will be able to manage this transition in the best possible way. All for maximum satisfaction for sellers and buyers. Choose the best path for this phase together with our specialists. Get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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