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Like be markethink , who will avoid bad times and carry. Out elegant and effective management. Consult us without obligation. Facebook share on facebook twitter share on twitter. Post navigation digital marketing glossa.​​5 terms you should knowdigital marketing glossary. ​​5 terms you should know what is the facebook pixel and how to configure it.What is the. Facebook pixel and how to configure it.Related entry importance of customer reviews. The importance of social networks advertising on instagram. What is it and how is it done. Choose social networks how to choose social networks. For your business influencer day.

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Terms you should know leave a commentin digital Israel Phone Number Data marketing glossary. ​​5 terms you should know we know that digital marketing can entail many doubts, but .If we also add terms that are difficult to understan. The task can be even more complicated. For this reason, we have made a digital marketing glossary with 5 terms . Discover some of the most used terms. Digital marketing glossary scope the reach is the audience or people. To whom a communication reaches.  social media post . That is, advertising on networks.

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it is a kpi and must be measurable. Thanks to reach, we can know how many people. Have been impacted by that message and even. Know Vietnam Phone Number List their demographic data to later generate campaigns. Focused on a certain sector or audiences. Buyer person closely linked to the previous. Point is the buyer persona. This term refers to a company’s customers. When you create a business, the ideal is to know the buyer. Persona you are targeting. Ex: a false nail company will be mainly aimed. At women between approximately. 18 and 40 years old. Thanks to the definition of the buyer persona.You will be able to launch more personalized messages in your communications. Or marketing campaigns.

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