If we choose – in the bid adjustment. We will completely exclude traffic from the device type. Hours can also be set by entering the “advertising schule” and adding a schule with individual days or hours. Everything depends on the industry and the specifics of users. These types of optimizations are best done after the data has been collect. Extensions and other ad formats The auction also takes into account the impact of extensions and ad formats on ad performance. It’s recommend to add ad extensions because they make your ad more informative, take up more ad space, and thus make it more visible.

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The quality of your ads and landing page What is the Google Ads. Quality Score It’s a diagnostic tool that helps you see how our ads compare to those El-Salvador Email List of our competitors. The score is present on a scale of to and can be found at the keyword level. What determines the position of the ad in Google – quality score Quality. Score includes ad relevance, landing page quality, and expect click-through rate. Therefore, if it is low, it is worth working on individual elements. It’s also worth remembering that changing your keyword match won’t affect your Quality Score.

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Rate amount It is important at the last stage – during the auction. If the rate is higher than the one offer by the competition, there is a greater chance that our ad will be display. However, it should be remember that the better the quality score, the less BU Leads we have to pay to be display in the first positions. In the Google Ads panel, we can check if the bids are not too low. What determines the position of the ad in Google – keywords In addition, it is worth using the bid simulator to see what impact raising the bid for a given keyword can have on its display, click-through rate or conversions.

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