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Is through the referral program. Terms of each customer payment during the year. Citizens of the Russian Feration  manual workers;property. There are three ways to attach customers to your account Add users manually via personal account; Referral link; Promotional code In this case within a day after the customer installs the widget on the site ₽ hryvnia for Ukraine tenge for Kazakhstan will be paid to the bonus account and the widget will be seen by the first visitor. The only thing that’s not clear to me is whether an individual can withdraw the reward because.

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The referral program page states Panama B2B List Transferring funds from an organization’s billing account to an individual is prohibit by law.  to refuse to pay partner rewards under the referral program. These funds can be withdrawn to the current account of legal entities or individual entrepreneurs. As can be seen from this article rewards can only be withdrawn to the current account of the legal entity. people or. There is no information about other ways of displaying the information. The link to the referral program is here.

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Giversit offers two affiliate program levels BU Leads Novice. Version pays per customer payment amount last month’s sales are less than master. Version of the amount paid by each customer with sales exceing  in the last month; Professional. The version paid by each customer and the sales volume in the last month exces  Contextual advertising Affiliate program advertising automation system remuneration is paid to the settlement account according to the agency agreement no other payment method information. Non-residents of the Russian Feration can.

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