Range information person is in, person has. what level of ucation Where do you live? What is your status? That is the general information that is requir. In order to share the market share, but persona has deeper details on other matters as follows Interests or interests, such as interest in technology fond of bicycles meeting with friends Goals or goals in life, such as improving communication between departments Pain Points or customer problems such as lack of continuity in communication.

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Motivations or incentives, such as being promot Burkina Faso B2B List in a job Get compliments from colleagues Challenges or challenges such as increasing sales Team development Nes & Expectations or nes and expectations, such as wanting equipment or tools for team management Technology & Social Mia or communication tools us, such as using IOS or Andriod to find information from mobile phones using IG, Facebook, Instagram Content-type or the type of content that you like to read, such as financial magazines. business magazine Brands & Influences or favorite brands such as Apple, Google, Microsoft Benefits of Persona in Marketing to understand the nes and interests of customers.

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It makes it easy for us to see those images BU Leads in your head. We can imagine their nes. what they care about what they hate This information allows us to create content that is of value to our audience. Acquire quality customers Persona helps us identify what they are interest in. do they want? and how to reach them That means we have more opportunities to cater to the right customers. through sending e-mail specifying a specific message or content Us to create products that meet the nes Knowing Persona allows us to plan to produce products.

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