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Ads personalize bas on searches, so if the user was looking for, for example, women’s pants, they will be shown ads from the women’s clothing category. Finishing the subject of advertising in Allegro Ads, it is impossible not to talk about budgets. How much budget do you ne to spend on advertising to be able to draw any conclusions from it? I believe that the budget in the range of PLN – will allow for quite good tests that will show us what is worth investing more in. Such a test ad should last two weeks, it is also worth choosing the suggest rates or slightly exceing them and monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis. Let’s check the effectiveness of individual ads in various placements in full weeks.

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Remember that usually the best sales are generat on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, which is why it is so important to analyze data from the full week. By changing bids, we can optimize ads. I guess that in such a context the question of the optimal budget Peru Email List will not find the best answer? This may surprise many, but in my opinion, the optimal budget is a progressive budget. We don’t set a fix amount, but we spend as much as necessary, provid that our ads are profitable. We determine the expect ROAS and adjust the budget to it. Rigid advertising limits may turn out to be ineffective and lead, for example, to a situation where the daily limit is exhaust before the daily peak of sales occurs at.

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Let’s also refer to the Allegro Ads partner program for agencies. What is it and what are the benefits? Partner agencies are those that have been verifi by Allegro. They have an agency panel and can, for example, target ads by keywords. They just BU Leads have more functionality in a more advanc panel. The full list of certifi agencies is available on the Allegro website, the distinguish ones are mark as Allegro Partner Ads+. What is storytelling in content marketing? Experience the power of stories! Aleksandra Skindzier March , You will read in ~ min. Storytelling in content marketing Stories have power. They accompany us almost always and everywhere.

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