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Traffic auditor. Purportly that analyzes Multiple advertising metrics. As a result of the audit advertisers will receive independent statistics on ad viewability and user interaction. The moat service is us by the world’s largest advertisers including Unilever Nestle and GlaxoSmithKline. How to connect First you ne to make sure that your campaign meets the criteria the budget of the campaign should be 10000 rubles excluding VAT and the duration of the campaign should be a maximum of days.

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Check out the link for a win-win tip for writing Sweden B2B List headlines.  blog posts. You can connect the traffic verification from in several ways In the settings of the campaign you ne to enable the 3rd party verifier option then find the connect moat button. It is best to connect the moat before the campaign starts. Contact your personal manager directly. The audit results will appear in the verifier’s interface. Write to Customer Service using the Feback Form. Link to a form where you can contact customer service. Are there other validators Advertisers currently have access to independent audits from and in addition to.

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Price tag and price design content year BU Leads design of price tags and prices. Here’s a cheat sheet that will help improve layout vs price conversions. Agency advice for graphic designers. The ruble sign has been around for a long time so use that instead of rubbing. or. Design of Price Labels and Prices If the currency symbol appears after the price separate them with a non-breaking space. Symbols prece prices and are therefore not separat by spaces. Price tags and prices are design to save space by simply crossing out the old.

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