My Business listing is very unknown for many companies

How can you not take advantage of this opportunity. Where to start in seo? 1 offer quality content. The first thing you should keep in mind is that google. Wants to offer the best user experience. It will not position any website for any other factor than providing. Relevant and quality content to those who perform the search. So before you start creating content, think: am I offering quality content to my potential readers. It doesn’t matter if you have a blog, a corporate website or an online store. You should always create quality content. 2 conduct keyword research another key to succeeding. With your seo would be to analyze what users are. Looking for and how they search for it.

There are many free tools to perform this analysis

Such as google autocomplete. Analyze what searches may be relevant to your business. And create content based on it. 3 the importance of links google reaches your website through different links. The more pages that link to yours. The more likely users are to arrive and google takes this into account. But be careful, not all links are suitable.Only those that are quality. If you are a restaurant, it may not be interesting. To link to your cousin’s mechanical workshop, but a blog about gastronomy is. 4 take care of key aspects of your website there are certain very importan.T aspects that you should not neglect about your website such. As the security certificate , titles, descriptions, image tagging, loading speed.

These are the so-called internal factors

Over which we have the control. Control and we should not neglect since google values ‚Äč‚Äčthem a lot. You must take them into account among the keys to succeed. With your seo. 5 work daily both the frequency of updating your page. As well as monitoring possible errors and software updates are aspects that you should not neglect. Keeping a website updated both from a technical and content. Point of view is very important to let google know that the page. Is active and remains relevant. Don’t relax, it is important to take care of seo day by day.

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