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It’s time for the next step choose the most suitable option for your business. As you explore the different types of interactive content that. Are successful in your industry you’ll see that even in one category—let’s say tests—your options are unlimited. You can improve something all the time work on the interface presentation of results etc. there is no limit to perfection. However don’t forget the quote from Jay Baer ​​founder of Convince and Convert: “One of the best ways to be successful in today’s marketing is not to impress just be helpful.

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The bells and whistles are great but if your interactive content doesn’t actually provide the useful answers the industry demands don’t count on it to hold anyone’s attention for long. Keep in mind that your answers don’t have to change anyone’s life. Sure from time to time we ne a mortgage calculator but more often than not readers just Canada Mobile Number List want to know if they can guess “All Hits of the s in One Line”. Different industries require different interactive content. Creating interactive content is easier than ever Depending on the type of content you choose an interactive content marketing platform can write your next post for you and it’s completely free.

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However remember that you should not rush. To get start check out the BuzzSumo website Is SEO Dead SEO Business Translation This question pisses me off. And I also want to laugh. Or cry. I don’t even know what I want more. People have been saying “SEO is dead” ever since SEO came into existence. And you know what It still lives! If you ever trie to google the phrase SEO is dead you may have lande on this site: Fig. “SEO is dead” The blog author calls the BU Leads cliché about the death of SEO one of the “oldest clichés on the web.” Want to know when this article appear May . Fig. Release date of the article SEO is dead Why am I even writing about this Because new developments in the field of SEO appear every year which makes skeptics think again and again about whether SEO is dead or not.

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