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Opening the website, should find the answer to his User intent is a term that describes the purpose of a search engine user when he enters a specific keyword into Google Keywords can be categoriz in many different ways, but the most common are four basic user intents Informational keywords – keywords indicating the search for information The first type of intent behind a keyword is information seeking Informational keywords searches are us when the user is looking for more information Whether it is a product or a service, the intention of the user is to know find information about a specific topic.

Information phrases are characteriz

By words such as how, why, when, how Examples of ready-made information phrases are, for example, what jacket to buy for the winter? or how to prepare tomato soup? Very often, users look for information about products by entering such phrases as Israel Mobile Number List product details (eg technical values ​​of product X), advantages benefits, functions (eg special  functions of a washing machine from X company), also by entering phrases such as eg Navigational keywords navigational keywords Navigational keywords are us to find a specific br, website or location Typically, the intentions of users entering such keywords.


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for information about a specific br or its products A search query usually includes the name of a product, company (manufacturer or company selling the product), name of a service, person or organization Because navigational queries are almost always relat to a br or location, optimizing for these types of queries is not easy However, it is worth BU Leads remembering about the use of keywords, which include the name of the company or online store Commercial Investigation keywords – keywords aim at getting to know the details of the offer Search engine search queries are typically us by users looking to compare different products or services The use of keywords belonging to.

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