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This will help you eliminate everything that goes against your brand image and show you the possibilities for a branding campaign. picture- Rice. Results of a query named NeilPatel This is not a one-time audit. Schedule your personal brand reviews to control what appears online. Create a personal website A website is not just a place to show off your accomplishments. Of course you want to talk about your experience and the work done.

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It is also important for you to make sure that you control all the space associated with your brand. A brand website is another source of content that will appear at the top of search results when people search for information about you. Having a website ensures that you get good results at the top of the search rather than letting some third party take care Indonesia Mobile Number List of your online image. picture- Rice. Neil Patel’s website . Your story The most powerful personal brands have thought of a good story. People interested in working with you will want to know your story. picture- Rice. Neil Patel’s story on his website If you specialize in more than one area or if you have a genuine interest in a number of things your story becomes even more important.

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This is the theme that ties all things together. Think of the most famous personal brands like Mark Cuban Steve Jobs Warren Buffet or Richard Branson. picture- Rice. Portrait of Richard Branson In any case stories get out they have a huge weight and impact on brands they determine how others will see a given brand. What is your story . Work with feedback BU Leads Even when we look in the mirror it is not easy to evaluate ourselves and understand who we are. It is not easy to form an objective opinion about ourselves. Use the feedback to develop a development program for your own brand. Ask for help from people you trust – colleagues friends family members employees.

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