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It’s been a full year since still working with Sushi Market. This year another branch was open in Xincheng! Posts like this keep me motivat Monthly I recommend management to optimize and bring all items in the sushi market under my control Maintaining three groups on maintaining three pages on maintaining three pages on targeting by three cities on Targeting by three cities I’m not sure if it makes sense to map all of my team’s movements on these items. In short we are optimiz for content and advertising companies.

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As a result sales at stores in one of the cities Indonesia Phone Number List broke the ruble milestone for the first time in a month. More precisely the store has an order in rubles. This is a huge win for me and now the goal is to fix and improve the results over the next few months.  picture number New dot also got off to a good start but if I start now describing everything I did before posting the case will never end If you’re really interest in this please write in the comments.  Due to my work ethic I am currently unable to undertake delivery projects in Orsk and Orenburg but I would love to cooperate with them in other cities. Case In Promoting.

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Electrical Work and Electrician Services Contact C we will be talking about how to get million in sales by promoting electrical work and turnkey BU Leads electrician services. Numerical results for all periods of the advertising campaign Cost Applications receiv by Yu Application fee rubles. Number of sales Average billing Rubles Conversion rate from order to sales Advertising net profit Rubles. Promote electrical engineering. About the project This project is a turnkey electrical installation project. Group Master is responsible for the electrical design and installation of apartments secondary residences and new buildings private houses villas and commercial premises. Masters work alone without teams. Provides services in the city of Severodvinsk. The population is 10000. The owner want to work exclusively in a turnkey apartment building electrical equipment from.

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