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Keys in Search Keys in  such as time on site and bounce rate. I focus on bounce rate which I’ve determin myself to be at most clean up queries and add negative keywords about once a week. Results Optimizing campaigns bas onthe effectiveness of this type of optimization. Search and Statistics Search and Statistics So using a keyword optimization strategy with macro and micro conversion statistics we are able to quickly select the keywords with the most conversions and get the maximum number of conversions and above.

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Within the allocat budget.  and we ruc the Romania B2B List cost per click by a factor of 2. If money and conversions are low and results are desperate how to optimize micro-conversion ads images We also ensure that for many requests the ad starts appearing in the top positions of search The number of visitors to the site is relatively constant throughout ranging from 1 to 1 click per month. This strategy was us until April 2019 when the website and studio services chang and so did the strategy. And enough statistics have been collect.

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In our contextual advertising online course we BU Leads teach you how to work with your ad account effectively set up your campaigns and analyze the results.  Optimize Micro-Conversions. The strategy describ in the concluding case prov to be effective and stable. The most important thing is to choose the right actions for micro-conversions These actions should be those that show the greatest interest of the website visitor in the order; it is very suitable for campaigns with small budgets because the budget does not allow you to quickly obtain enough statistics for.

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