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If, however, it is only a few people, then you can try to start selling without distinction. You said that promot offers, highlights, sort as you change the sorting in the search results. Is there a different mechanism for offers from Allegro Ads and they are not sort? Yes, Allegro guarantees that there will always be sponsor offers before promot offers. How effective are Promot Offers? With a fairly large assortment, the cost is high, so is it worth it? It is expensive, which is why this form of promotion is becoming less and less popular. As for effectiveness – Allegro often repeats that a featur offer can generate times more turnover than a non-distinguish one.

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Certainly, an offer without any promotion will be much less effective. Now, Allegro Ads makes the awards not as attractive as they us to be, they are us in a small percentage of offers. The effectiveness of the awards can be check in the panel, where Mexico Email List in the “offers” section you will find simple statistics. It is worth having the same product in two offers – featur and regular, to compare how both convert. Much more advanc reports can be generat using the Trade Watch tool, which is available in a paid and free version.

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Although awards are a thing of the past, there are industries in which they still ne to be us, especially where you do not fight for the customer with the price, because it is uniform throughout the industry. This also applies to offers that are to be BU Leads so-call. traffic builder, they are to generate traffic to the account or those that can easily generate cross sell, encourage the purchase of a second product from us. How to choose products that are worth highlighting? What other strategy is worth adopting, apart from promoting traffic builders and cross-sell products? Let’s check the search results, analyze the shopping paths, follow what the competition is doing. If there are many awards in our category, it will be difficult to stand out with a new offer.

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