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Comments.  with communities on three social networks   and half-dead accounts. People are responsible for the content an itor and a moderator. follows the itor develops content plans proposes and publishes posts ideas launches new news pages in short he is a multi-arm shiva. Moderators are always there responding to comments making posts and sometimes helping revive an itor when he faints from fatigue. By 2010 the representation of  had expand significantly now in addition to the existing ones the mia has also develop communities in the channels. 

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The itorial staff includes one itor three Hungary B2B List content workers one picture itor one channel itor one channel writer one outsourc target scientist. planning Because the portal publishes news the content planning of the community is very rich and each community publishes articles of agreement every day. First your content plan is as detail as possible you  of the post and the content of the material you are responsible for publishing. In the process of work I found that perfectionism will not bring good results and overly.

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Detail plans will only make employees feel BU Leads uneasy. For example if the news is suppos to be out and the content manager doesn’t have time to prepare computer freezes internet goes down employees start twitching and panicking slowing down workflow. So from the content plan they come up with a recommendatory document that notes permanent titles and regular items and an approximate number of posts in between. By the way this page contains free.

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