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Why is it worth implementing Google Analytics now? Here are main reasons HISTORICAL DATA GA is a completely new data collection model, fully event-driven. This means the ne to set up a new Google Analytics service and no possibility to migrate historical data – so the sooner you start collecting data, the better for you! ADVANTAGE OF THE “EARLY BIRD” Most website owners will wait with the migration until the last moment – the official withdrawal by Google Universal Analytics . As a result, they will be left alone with a new, completely unknown tool and a lack of historical data.

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If you start learning GA today – you will avoid this problem, and in addition you will be able to gradually transfer traffic analytics on your website to the Latvia Email List new tool. Migrating to a new platform always carries risks. A are you sure you want to leave such an important topic as moving the collection of traffic data on your website to the last minute? What about Universal Analytics – should we abandon it altogether? Universal Analytics or Google Analytics ? And this and this! Google Analytics and Universal Analytics are services that can (and should) work in parallel.

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Remember that GA is a relatively new tool that still has bugs, and its creators are gradually developing it and adding new functionalities in response to user nes. At the time we publish this infographic, GA does not have the ability to create remarketing lists, for example. It is also a tool that has stability issues, and Google Support does not provide BU Leads answers to questions about its basic functionalities. In addition, remember about the lack of continuity of data collection when migrating to a new tool. If you stop using UA when migrating to GA – you will not be able to reliably assess changes in traffic trends on your website.

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