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Search for products online and order them, but you do not know for sure whether these will be suitable for the treatment and for your skin See what some beauty salons have done ?? Examples of Facebook LIVE in the beauty industry If you check your statistics, how much time you spend on Facebook, you will definitely notice that you are there more often than before the pandemic. Many of us actively participate in Facebook support groups, various types of helping actions or make purchases through Facebook ads that follow us. More and more often we also watch live broadcasts, which are no longer the domain only for sellers of clothes or jewelry.

Is Advertising In B2b Companies Necessary

Example In the first week of the introduc restrictions and restrictions, a Krakow SPA salon notic a significant decrease in visits by its clients, but also an increase in the number of subsequent cancellations for treatments. Unable to afford Fax Lists a complete business crisis, salon employees met their customers. How? They turn their knowlge of treatments and dermocosmetics into visits to their clients, but ONLINE! The company organiz a Live on Facebook, to which it invit its existing clients by e-mail. At the start of the broadcast, in order to build coverage, she ask the recipients to share the live for other observers.

Fax Lists

Advertising In B2b Companies Which Channels Are The Best

During the broadcast, specialists told about three types of treatments that can be perform at home using their products. People who want to make it themselves could buy specially select cosmetics, which were then sterile pack and sent directly to customers via courier. However, the service did not end there, because an instructional video on how to BU Leads perform the procure yourself was sent to the e-mail address provid by the client. There was an opportunity to ask questions during the broadcast. Participants ask, for example, about which treatment best suits their skin types, whether it is difficult to perform it at home and what the purchasing process looks like. Less than hours.

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