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Currently, we can hope that these will be changes for the better, and the tool – or tools – that Facebook is working on will be refin and useful for entities advertising on the platform. How to get more users from Google Images Gabriel Prymak May , You will read in ~ min. How to get more users from Google Images Google Images is the perfect way to visually explore the web. In many industries, it is also a great source of user acquisition. What should be add to the website to improve the visibility of the website in Google Images You will find the answer to this question in this article.

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We describe in it what actions we us to increase the visibility of our client’s website in the image search engine. The client with whom we work on Haiti Email List visibility in Google Graphics sells ready-made house designs online as part of the .domywstylu website. Most of us, when thinking about our ideal socket, probably visualize it long before starting the search. This also applies to users who use the domywstylu website. When choosing a house design, we always think about visual elements, even when we are accompani by certain limitations, such as a narrow plot or low cost of construction. For this reason, many Google search users choose to search for house designs on Google Images.

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We were aware of this, so working with the client in the area of ​​increasing organic traffic, we decid to take advantage of it. In industries where the visual aspect is critical when choosing a product or service – such as home design – we are likely to see BU Leads a lot of traffic coming from Google Images. Industries that are gaining a large number of users from this source include: fashion and footwear furniture and interior design clothing and sports equipment Industries that acquire a much smaller number of users on a website from Google Images include: coach rental services online printing However, there may be exceptions to the above rules.

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