Venture capital at the service of startups

For this reason, having the best advice on how to proceed allows you to start with the best legal and tax tools available. It will also allow you to have clearer ideas in the field of contracts for possible employees and collaborators. Marketing is fundamental to the success of a startup In a market as open as today’s, you must be able to make yourself known quickly and effectively. During the validation process, the sales target of your product or service is identified. The marketing that is implemented must allow you to reach all potential customers interested in what you want to sell.

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on the profile of your future Mexico Phone Number List buyers, a clear marketing strategy must be established. For this reason you will have useful information to implement an adequate campaign to raise awareness of your product. However, everything must take into account the available budget. Thus we arrive at another chapter of consultancy for startups. Economic part As we have already mentioned, economic analyzes are an important part of consultancy for startups. In fact, it is necessary to understand the capital you are starting from and the annual requirement expected in the medium term. On this basis, a series of financing strategies can be imagined to launch the sta

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Invitalia takes care of it with a series Lebanon Phone Number List of useful notices to obtain subsidized and non-repayable loan sums. Or think about going in search of funds by creating a business plan for banks and investors . The objective is therefore to evaluate the overall sustainability of the startup at least for the next three years. Consultation for your startup with real specialists in the sector If you are thinking of starting a startup. It is essential to have clear ideas about your business model and the economic sustainability of the project. in Up2Lab you will find many services that allow you to identify the best path for your new company. Contact us for an informational interview and to embark on your success path.

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