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More profitable for the agency than others. At the same time the agency cannot prict how many projects will appear in the next month because customers come not through advertising but through word of mouth.  that some projects had additional functionality that was tun to customer nes. For example if a client nes to maintain an order a special salari employee is requir to work on that order. At the same time this is not reflect in the contract price. It was also found during the audit that errors took up staff time.

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As soon as something goes wrong a work chat Niue Email List with everyone trying to figure out who is responsible and what to do. At the same time correspondence with customers was also carri out. Only then did the employees start correcting mistakes. This is what we decid to do after our review. Financial planning leaders took the existing project structure and realiz how much they were willing to pay each employee for a single project.  worth taking on projects that involve goal setting as such services are more expensive. Agency How to increase profit and organize work They also calculate the approximate income they hope to get from a project. This amount includes taxes and administrative fees.

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The monthly structure of. The portfolio BU Leads should look like this Target Projects advertisement settings only Business account maintenance promot through targeting Turnkey account maintenance promot through all available channels. Through this project allocation the average weight profit of the agency is  bringing profit to the business. During the audit it was found that the fix costs of the company amount to RUB 10000. When managers determine which projects and quantities ne to be.

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