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Children children’s  audience gave very good  case on and on. . We spent a total of roubles on advertising in 2019 and obtain potential customers at an average cost of rupees. Screenshots of Ad Accounts Screenshots of Ad Accounts At the end of the month we ask for feback from our customers. According to the customer at the beginning of next month a contract was sign and a preliminary appointment application was receiv. The revenue of the sign contract rubles advertising returns times. Also as is always the case with social networks all working audiences are exhaust and the price of the app has risen accordingly so it was not in.

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Vain that we decid to use to work we got Mexico B2B List more leads from there at a significantly lower cost. Multiple case studies and a selection of master classes. Choose your gift. Target Advertisements on Opt-In Advertisement is conduct through a lead form eg. Lead Form Lead Lead Form Lead We adapt our best ideas into a format and launch it. We first test it with our hottest audience an audience interest in reproductive health. Best Advertisement Eco-Clinic Promotion receiv leads in rubles including VAT and commission. A total of leads were receiv from viewers each pric in rubles including VAT and commission. Advertisement of the clinic’s campaign on.

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Marks in promoting the clinic

Social networks 1 target lead for services BU Leads price in rubles picture id We also test the ad format in this audience but it turn out that the leads there are more expensive about roubles each Advertisement of the clinic’s campaign on social networks 1 target service lead price in rubles picture id . In and on the promotion clinic case to the end of the month we wrung out rubles and receiv a lead for the price in rubles including VAT and commission. According to customer feback on May 1 1 patient sign up for an appointment immiately and another patient plann to make an appointment after completing new examination results or recovering. Advertisements in both social networks.

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