Use of devices Most popular languages The frequency of performing various activities Facebook analytics – big changes are coming – insights Audience Insights Facebook Audience Insights will no longer be available from July , . Facebook Business Suite statistics are to replace this service. In addition to the classic statistics of audience groups on Facebook and Instagram, we can also check there trends regarding our company profiles. It is also possible to save groups of recipients, which we can later use in Ads Manager. Facebook Analytics Facebook analytics – big changes are coming – analytics Facebook Analytics will only be available until June.

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As Facebook explains, the withdrawal of the tool is directly relat to the consolidation of business tools. Until then, the reports, charts and tables you creat will still be available – so it’s worth exporting all the data you care about before June th. Facebook Cuba Email List Attribution Attribution on Facebook is a tool whose main functionality is the ability to compare the effectiveness of various marketing channels in the attribution we choose – not only on the basis of visits to the website, but also impressions with advertisements. In addition, we have the ability to analyze the user’s conversion path or create a custom attribution report – all in one place. You can also learn more about this tool in the article on our blog.

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HERE Facebook analytics – big changes are coming – attribution Unfortunately, Facebook recently announc that this tool will also be phas out in August . According to Facebook, the features that will be discontinu are: Facebook Attribution interface Facebook Attribution API support realm of business in Facebook Attribution At the same BU Leads time, the social giant announces the creation of a new tool to help analyze the effectiveness of ads on Facebook and Instagram. To sum up – undoubtly the inconveniences relat to the introduction of changes to the privacy policy in iOS start an avalanche of modifications in the advertising ecosystem and Facebook tools.

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