We have The type of content depends on the nes of the target audience in each stage of the buyer’s journey. There are mainly three stages in the buyer’s journey, namely the awareness stage of consideration (Consideration Stage) and the decision stage (Decision Stage), but before determining the content format in each stage We should consider and define the characteristics of the buyer (Persona) clearly who they are and what their personality is.¬† are you interest in? What is your goal in life? What are the challenges? Including how is the mia exposure channel.

Attract interest people through

It will allow us to design content and the form Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List of digital content effectively. And can also know the proximity to buy products We call this process Content Mapping. Awareness StageThe term digital marketing (Digital Marketing) is all about marketing using electronic devices. including the internet And nowadays, businesses are taking advantage of digital marketing through multiple channels such as social mia, email, websites to communicate with customers. and for digital In marketing, knowing techniques is just as important as selecting mia.

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SEO or making backlinks

Let’s look at an example of what digital BU Leads marketing techniques are. Doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) It is the process of getting our website to rank well on the first page when we search for information on Google that will increase the number of visitors to the website. Most of what we do SEO is for website promotion. block promotion or infographic The main principles of SEO are as follows. On page SEO or content customization within our own website, such as using words that match keywords that people like to search for Make a link to the content number of pages of the website.

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