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You can also use the scroll map to see which buttons get the most clicks. Remember the main principle of the landing page One page. One goal especially when call to action buttons are used. Whirlpool increased click-through rates in its email campaign  by  after the company removed  secondary call-to-action buttons and reverted to a design with a single call-to-action button. Here is the original email with a few options. picture- Rice. The version of the call to action button on the Whirlpool website before the changes And here is the tested version after removing the secondary call to action buttons.

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Drawing Rice. Changed call to action button on the Whirlpool website The number of navigation bar items on your website – the site should include only the most significant items. picture- Rice. Navigation bar elements Your home page should not contain many clickable elements. My homepage has only one call to action button. picture- Rice. Neil Patel’s homepage It also contains only  clickable links. picture- Rice. Clickable links on Neil Patel’s website On the Amazon Jordan Mobile Number List website for example there are  links. picture- Rice. Amazon Links Determine the number of clickable items on your home page. To do this you can use the Link juice calculator. A concise navigation menu will help SEO on your website. Fewer links from the home page will cause the site’s authority to rise on internal pages. Adding more links will result in a loss of link effectiveness.

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Pro Tip Why don’t you experiment with removing the navigation menu at the top of your homepage You can directly focus the user’s attention on the call to action button. Yuppiechef removed the navigation and was able to increase conversion rates by . Here’s what Brian Harris’s page looks like now picture- Rice. Yuppiechef Company Page.Think about users BU Leads first and try to connect with them In the end the key is to establish an emotional connection with your audience. If you do not have a meaningful offer for the user of your site this is a failure. Here are some ways to show that you care about potential clients. Conduct user experience

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